8 Best Stretches to Do Before and After Your Walking Routine 

Neck Stretch: Gently tilt your head from side to side, holding each position for 15 seconds to release neck tension. 

Shoulder Rolls: Roll your shoulders backward in circular motions for 30 seconds to improve shoulder flexibility and reduce stiffness. 

Arm Swings: Swing your arms in circular motions for 20 seconds, alternating directions, to warm up the shoulder and arm muscles. 

Torso Twist: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, twist your torso left and right for 15 seconds to engage your core and loosen the spine. 

Quad Stretch: Bring one heel towards your buttocks, holding for 20 seconds on each leg to stretch the quadriceps. 

Calf Raises: Lift your heels off the ground and lower them for 30 seconds to warm up the calves and improve ankle flexibility. 

Hamstring Stretch: Bend forward at the waist, reaching for your toes or shins for 20 seconds to stretch the hamstrings and lower back. 

Ankle Circles: Lift one foot and rotate your ankle clockwise and then counterclockwise for 15 seconds each, promoting ankle mobility crucial for walking. 

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