How many NFL Players are Black 

The NFL has grown a lot over its time since the first African American played in the NFL. Fritz Pollard and Bobby Marshall paved the way for African Americans in professional football. 

The NFL has come a long way and continues to grow with the number of African Americans in the league. This is a great thing to see because it brings a different look and skill set to the NFL. It also brings diversity to the NFL, which is needed. 

The NFL assistant coaches are the second highest, with 29.6% of them being African American. Numbers fall tremendously after the assistant coaches positions.  

When looking at the numbers it is sad that after assistant coaches the numbers almost hit rock bottom. With the NFL patting themselves on the back when it comes to how they handle racial equality, they are not following what they are saying. 

Roger Goodell spoke on how he felt about recent hires in the NFL. Goodell was not happy with the number of African-American coaches that were overlooked for head coaching jobs.  

As of right now, the Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the most diverse coaching staff in the NFL. Tampa Bay currently has two female coaches on their staff and the majority of Bruce Arians' staff are African American. 

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