How many NFL Players are smoke weed 

Randy Gregory most notably played for the Dallas Cowboys from 2015 to 2021 as an outside linebacker. Just in 2021, he passed multiple drug tests as he joined the Denver Broncos, although he was suspended multiple times for cannabis use before that point. 


Josh Gordon spent many years playing in the NFL and still does, but in all of the years he spent playing football, he has had almost as many suspensions as years playing on active rosters. Over the years, he has played for the Seattle Seahawks, the New England Patriots, 


Shaun Smith used to be a very prolific NFL player, having played with a variety of teams, including the Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, and Cincinnati Bengals. He is currently a retired player, a former defensive lineman. 


Darren Waller currently plays for the Las Vegas Raiders, which he signed with in 2018, and he also claims to have been sober since this time. Although, when he was first drafted to the NFL by the Baltimore Ravens in 2015, he received a variety of suspensions for various failed drug tests, including, but not limited to, cannabis. 


Laremy Tunsil what's perhaps most famous for a 30-second video that surfaced of him smoking cannabis using a gas mask, something most regular stoners would applaud him for. The video took place in 2014 and was not leaked until 2016, but he was then still promptly signed to the Miami Dolphins as a prominent offensive tackle, and the decision was unanimous.


Randy Moss, often considered to be one of the all-time greats in the NFL, has openly admitted multiple times to smoking cannabis and using cannabis all throughout his NFL career, which started in 1998. This world-class NFL player caught 982 passes for 156 touchdowns and 15,292 yards while smoking cannabis the whole time.


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