How many NFL Players from Ohio State 

Justin Fields leads off Sportskeeda's' list of the top 10 NFL players from Ohio State in 2022, despite having not yet played his best football with the Chicago Bears. Fields was drafted as the savior for a franchise that has yet to do anything of note since reaching the Super Bowl in 2006.

Justin Field

Chris Olave arrived in the NFL as one of the highest-rated receiving prospects in the 2022 draft class. Having achieved success with Ohio State as a fast, reliable receiver, Olave was selected by the New Orleans Saints. Being able to learn from Michael Thomas is a priceless experience for Olave, who has started well in Louisiana.

Chris Olave

Ezekiel Elliott would have been ranked far higher on this list of the top 10 NFL players from Ohio State had it not been for his declining form. In natural talent, there are few better than the Cowboys running back. He emerged out of Ohio State as a generational back, but the incredible workload in the Dallas offense appears to have burnt him out.

Ezekiel Elliott

Marshon Lattimore is a defensive star in the NFL. He has made four Pro Bowls and has been selected as the Defensive Rookie of the Year. There aren't many better cornerbacks in terms of defending against passes than the New Orleans Saints star. Offensive coordinators look at Lattimore, standing at only 6ft, and think there is an opportunity. 

Marshon Lattimore

Chase Young should be placed higher on 2022's' list of top 10 NFL players from Ohio State, but injuries have dramatically halted his progress. He burst onto the scene with Washington as a wrecking ball of a defensive end. He was awarded the Defensive Rookie of the Year trophy in his rookie year and was nominated to the Pro Bowl.

Chase Young

Like Marshon Lattimore, Ward is also an expert at playing the ball, and he has 56 successful pass defenses in 56 NFL starts. His career trajectory is remarkably similar to Lattimore's. Still, there is perhaps a slightly bigger upside that places him better on this list of the top 10 NFL players from Ohio State in 2022.

Denzel Ward

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