How many NFL Players have murdered someone 

Leonard Little was driving drunk, ran a red light and crashed into a mother of two and killed her. Little is certainly not alone in the NFL vehicular manslaughter charges, but what places him higher is that a few years later, he was again arrested for a DUI after he failed three field sobriety tests.

Leonard Little

Gene Atkins has a unique and diverse rap sheet. He was charged and later acquitted of firebombing a business associate. He later was arrested after his wife called the police claiming Atkins had pushed her against a wall, beat her with a remote control and bit her. 

Gene Atkin

Ray Lewis was arrested for two counts of first-degree murder after he was involved in a brawl that led to the stabbing and death of one of the people involved. Lewis ended up pleading guilty to obstruction of justice and the charges were dropped. 

Ray Lewi

Spellman is another member on this list who suffers from repeat anger management issues. His temper has led to an emergency landing of a flight after allegedly, among other things, Spellman told the pilot he was about to rip his throat out.

Alonzo Spellman

Henley, however, went above and beyond that, and while on trial he was found to have contacted people to kill the judge presiding over his trafficking case. 

Darryl Henley

Jim Dunway's ex-wife was found dead in a swimming pool. Autopsy reports indicated that she died from a fractured skull prior to be being placed in the pool. Dunaway was charged with murder, but not indicted. 

Jim Dunaway

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