How many NFL Players in the longest yard 

The cast of 2005's The Longest Yard includes a talented bunch of comedic actors, many of whom have worked with leading man Adam Sandler on multiple projects. Directed by Peter Segal, the sports comedy is a remake of the 1974 film of the same name.  

While The Longest Yard cast a number of comedy veterans, the Adam Sandler sports movie also features actors known for their work in other genres like action star Burt Reynolds and character actor William Fichtner. Reynolds’s casting serves as an interesting Easter egg as he had played Sandler’s role in the original. 

The movie also prominently features ex-football players like Terry Crews and Bill Goldberg. Even musicians like Nelly and pro wrestlers like Dalip Singh Rana and Steve Austin feature in the ensemble. Here's a look at the cast of the remake of The Longest Yard, the characters they play, and what else the actors are known for. 

Adam Sandler leads the cast of The Longest Yard as disgraced NFL quarterback Paul Crewe. Accused of shaving points and arrested after a drunk driving incident, Paul is introduced as a foul-mouthed and self-obsessed sports star.  

However, upon making new friends in prison and standing up against an authoritarian warden, Paul finds a new shot at playing football. The Longest Yard reunited Sandler with his 50 First Dates and Anger Management director Peter Segal.  

Caretaker” is one of Paul's first friends in prison. Even though he doesn’t play on the field, the friendly character is crucial to the football match as he helps Paul in the tryouts. "Caretaker" is played in The Longest Yard by stand-up comedian Chris Rock. 

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