How many NFL teams are undefeated 

Don Shula’s squad remains the only team in the Super Bowl era to run the table in the regular season and win the Super Bowl. The Dolphins went 14-0 in the 1972 regular season before winning three playoff games, capping off a perfect season with a Super Bowl VII triumph over Washington. 

The 2015 Carolina Panthers nearly had a perfect regular season, going 14-0 before dropping their Week 16 contest. Just three seasons ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers got off to an 11-0 start before their season began falling apart in Week 13.

There are no more unbeatens left in the 2023 NFL season. The Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers went 5-0 to start the year after facing off in last season’s NFC Championship Game, but they both lost to backup quarterbacks on the road in Week 6.

Twelve of the 57 Super Bowl winners were the final undefeated team that respective season. However, a bulk of those teams came prior to the 21st century, with 11 winning championships before 2000.

Eleven teams missed the playoffs after being the league’s last unbeaten team. Three of those teams failed to qualify before the playoffs expanded to eight teams in 1970.  

The final two unbeaten teams from the 1970 season missed the playoffs, but it then took another 23 years for the last undefeated team to fall short of the postseason. 

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