These 3 Stretches to Ease Lower Back Pain 

Start with a gentle forward bend, reaching towards your toes while keeping your knees slightly bent. 

Move into a seated twist by crossing one leg over the other and gently twisting your torso. 

Try the cat-cow stretch on all fours, arching and rounding your back to mobilize the spine. 

Engage in a child's pose, sitting back on your heels with arms extended for a soothing stretch. 

Incorporate the pelvic tilt by lying on your back and gently rocking your pelvis back and forth. 

Perform the knee-to-chest stretch, bringing one knee at a time towards your chest to alleviate tension. 

Embrace the cobra pose, lying on your stomach and lifting your chest for a mild back extension. 

Finish with the figure-four stretch, crossing one ankle over the opposite knee and gently pulling towards your chest. 

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