6 Yoga Shoulder Stretches to Un-Hunch Your Back and Relieve Neck Pain 

Begin with a seated position, interlace your fingers behind your back, and gently lift your arms to open the chest. 

Inhale deeply, raising your arms overhead, and exhale as you bend to one side, feeling a stretch along the shoulders. 

Release tension by clasping your hands behind your back and straightening your arms, lifting them slightly to open the front of your shoulders. 

Try the "Eagle Arms" pose by crossing one arm over the other and linking the hands, lifting your elbows and feeling a stretch between the shoulder blades. 

Practice the "Cow Face Pose" by bringing one arm behind your back and the other from above, attempting to clasp your fingers, promoting flexibility in the shoulders. 

Utilize a wall for the "Puppy Pose," extending your arms forward and lowering your chest to the ground, releasing tension in the shoulders and upper back. 

Gently roll your shoulders backward in circular motions, loosening any stiffness, and then switch to forward circles to enhance flexibility. 

End with neck stretches, tilting your head from side to side and gently rotating, relieving tension and promoting a more relaxed and open upper back. 

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