Children Service A Path to a Brighter Future

Children Service A Path to a Brighter Future: Communication skills are very important for this job because you will be getting to know the kids and earning their trust, as well as the parents’ trust. Childcare workers teach and care for kids of all ages and are very important to their development because they are there for the kids when their parents are at work or somewhere else.

Childcare workers do more than just meet the basic needs of the kids. They also plan activities that help the kids grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. They help kids find out what they’re interested in, improve their skills and independence, feel better about themselves, and learn how to get along with others.

Most of the day, people who work in childcare are with kids and do a mix of basic care and teaching tasks. Children can learn from the basic care activities that childcare workers do with them.

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The delivery

This 6-month introductory programme is meant to give you a “taste” of what it’s like to work as a childcare worker. It will teach you important things like how to work within the legal and moral framework, how to spot and help children who are at risk of harm, how to participate in the work environment, how to care for children, and how to interact with children in a healthy way.

The main goal of this training programme is to help people get more experience on the job. So, people who are in this introductory programme will work at local child care centres one day a week to get experience.

Along with this hands-on experience, participants will also get competency reading packages to help them learn the theoretical side of this introductory programme. One World trainers will also make regular visits to the centre itself.

This mixed-method approach to training will work well for people who want to work as child care workers.

children Service A Path to a Brighter Future
children Service A Path to a Brighter Future

Little Kids

Kids will be the leaders of tomorrow. Teaching them family values early on will help them for the rest of their lives. For each level of learning, the Education Bureau’s Moral, Civic, and National Education Section has put together a list of life events that deal with personal, family, and social issues that kids may face in their daily lives. The lesson plans can be found at This link will open in a new window.The website for the Education Bureau only has Chinese versions.

Mental health is important, but physical health is even more important. It will open in a new window.Fitness Programmes for Children on the LCSD website has helpful information on many topics, such as how to keep a child’s weight in check and how to make a simple exercise plan.

Care for Children

The Social Welfare Department has always given money to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) so they can run a range of flexible child care support services to meet the needs of families with low incomes. These services are meant to help parents who temporarily can’t care for their children because of work or other social reasons.

Centre for Child Care

  • Kids younger than 3 should have full-day care.
  • Give kids things to do that will help their mental, physical, emotional, and social growth.

One-time child care service

  • Offer part-time, full-time, or occasional child care at child care centres and kindergartens for parents or carers who have to take care of their kids but don’t have time to do so themselves.

Service during more hours

To meet the social needs of families and working parents, help with child care should be available at CCCs and KG-cum-CCCs for longer hours.

Children Service A Path to a Brighter Future
Children Service A Path to a Brighter Future

Child Care Centre for Mutual Help

Offer a form of child care that is flexible, easy to use, and always available.
The activities of the mutual help child care group are mostly done by volunteers, neighbours, and/or parents who do them for free as a way to help each other.

Child Care Support Project in the Neighbourhood

Give people in your neighbourhood more options for day care services
Encourage people to help each other in your neighbourhood and in the community as a whole.
consist of two service parts: home-based child care service and a group that cares for kids at a centre

You can find lists of the above service providers, their fees and charges, and their business hours in It will open in a new on this link. People who speak Chinese, English, or an ethnic minority language can also download leaflets about day care services from the website.

There is a Joint Office for Kindergartens and Child Care Centres in the Education Bureau that registers and keeps an eye on kindergartens that also care for kids ages 0 to 6. This link will open in a new window and give you information on kindergartens that also care for on this link.

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