Men Waxing Tips and Tricks for a Professional Finish

Men Waxing Tips and Tricks for a Professional Finish: Waxing men. We often get asked at Men’s Den, Inc. whether to wax. Unfortunately, certain movie scenes have stigmatised male waxing, a promising hair removal method. Mainspring is common for many reasons. Studies show that 83% of men use mainspring to remove their hair.

Because it’s cheap, shaving will always be a men’s hair removal option, but it has drawbacks. Shavers often get razor burn, cuts, and electric razor bites and nicks. Shaving causes red, swollen skin.

Because shaving only removes longer hair at the skin’s surface, not at the root like waxing, stubble appears sooner. Due to its long-term results and convenience, male waxing has become popular for men’s hair removal.

Why men wax

Waxing was once only done by women or in waxing salons. However, men’s waxing mindset and social influence have changed this trend. In demand, male waxing is here to stay. The male waxing industry grew 22% last year.

Modern men are more self-aware and groom themselves more. Getting a new wax makes many men feel clean and attractive. So embarrassed by body hair, many men won’t take off their shirt to swim in public. Removal of men’s hair boosts self-esteem.

Men Waxing Tips and Tricks for a Professional Finish
Men Waxing Tips and Tricks for a Professional Finish

Some men’s partners prefer waxing to clean intimate areas. Athletes like waxing’s smooth, hair-free feel. Additionally, social media has changed men’s waxing by making it no longer “taboo.”

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Waxing Males Physiology

Understanding waxing is crucial to separating fact from fiction before discussing men’s body waxing benefits. Explain body hair growth and the regrowth cycle. Understanding why hair grows back less dense or slower is crucial.

Four hair growth phases:

  • The longest phase of hair regrowth is anagen, which lasts 3-5 years but varies by person. Hair growth is in the anagen phase.
  • The transition phase of hair regrowth is citagen. This phase lasts about 10 days. Citagen phase hair growth slows as hair follicles shrink.
  • The resting phase of hair regrowth is telogen. This stage averages 3 months. The telogen phase involves new hair growth in the follicles but no hair loss.
  • As the shedding phase, the exogen phase lasts 2-6 months. In exogen, new hair grows and old hair falls out.
Men Waxing Tips and Tricks for a Professional Finish
Men Waxing Tips and Tricks for a Professional Finish

Based on a brief review of the hair regrowth cycle, we can now understand how body waxing affects men’s hair removal and new hair growth. Men who wax see results last 2-6 weeks and have less dense hair growth. The hair-regrowth cycle causes this. The phase of the hair regrowth cycle in which hair is pulled from the follicle during waxing makes it appear less dense.

Male hair regrowth cycles differ most from waxing and shaving. Unlike waxing, body shaving removes hair at the surface of the skin, not at the root. For men who wax, the results last longer than shaving and they won’t have stubble because the hair is removed from the root. After understanding the hair regrowth cycle, how often should men wax?

As mentioned, waxing can last 6 weeks, but results vary. On the first four waxing visits, Men’s Den, Inc. requires clients to schedule six weeks in advance. So why do our waxes ask? Timing hair growth’s four cycles is best.

Lack of hair synchronisation causes outgrowth between male waxing sessions. The goal is to sync body hair to 4 weeks clean and 2 weeks growing out. Over time, clients should be able to wax every 8 weeks. However, results may vary by person. Waxes will become less frequent over time if done consistently.

Male waxing benefits

  • As mentioned, male waxing has grown in popularity.
  • Waxing’s many advantages over shaving have driven its growth in men’s grooming.
  • Pros trump cons. Waxing lasts longer than shaving.
  • Waxing lasts longer than shaving and leaves a smoother finish.
  • Because hair is taken from the root, not the skin.
  • Waxing makes hair grow back less dense due to the hair regrowth cycle, and most men’s results last 4 weeks (2-6 weeks).
  • Waxes remove dead skin cells, so men also benefit from body exfoliation.
  • Hair removal can be done in bulk.
  • Self-confidence, muscle definition, and spousal appreciation are other benefits.
  • When discussing male waxing benefits, pain is the biggest concern. “Does waxing hurt?” Yes, but no. Individuality determines it.
  • Some waxing men feel the stigma’s sting or pain. If communicated properly, waxing can be positive and painless for men.
  • Waxing hurts men for one reason. Biggest strengths can also be biggest weaknesses.
  • Hair removed with wax is pulled from the root.
  • The sting or pain will lessen with regular male waxing as the follicle loses its grip on the hair.
Men Waxing Tips and Tricks for a Professional Finish
Men Waxing Tips and Tricks for a Professional Finish

Male Waxing Contraindications

More men are waxing, but they may be nervous. Our waxing professionals at Men’s Den, Inc. focus on communication, safety, and client comfort before, during, and after the waxing process. Our clients are supported throughout.

Avoid waxing when:

  • Taking Accutane or stopping it within a year.
  • Taking any prescription acne medication.
  • AIDS or Lupus.
  • You’re receiving chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Long exposure to direct sunlight.
  • A tanning bed was used within 24 hours.
  • Over 8% alpha hydroxy acid use.
  • In or around body piercings.

Avoid waxing irritated, cut, or sunburned skin

In the end 

Many reasons drive up men’s waxing services, including the self-confidence and results. Men today are more self-conscious, including body hair. Numerous spouses appreciate a well-groomed and hairless partner.

Some shaving can achieve the same results as male body waxing. The hairless look men want comes from shaving. Body shaving removes only the skin’s surface hair, leaving itchy stubble a few days later. Razors and electric trimmers can cause cuts, nicks, and reddened skin.

The hair regrowth cycle and root extraction make male waxing last longer than shaving. Male waxes notice less dense hair growth. Over time, the follicle loosens its grip on the hair shaft, reducing waxing pain.

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