Everything You Need to Know About Nail Police Gel

Everything You Need to Know About Nail Police Gel: Manicures are cosmetic nail treatments. This article defines gel manicures and discusses safety. It also reviews gel manicure vs. acrylic nail research.

What is a gel manicure?

  • According to Trusted Source (2018), gel manicures use light-sensitive gel. The gel’s properties distinguish it from acrylic nail polishes.
  • In particular, only certain light sources set the gel. Gel manicure clients must ask nail technicians to use a special light or use it themselves. UV lights are usually high-intensity.

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Time and cost

  • At-home gel manicure kits include multiple gels and a lamp. This procedure varies by product, including the number of sessions per month and their duration.
  • No scientific data exists on at-home gel manicures.
  • However, 2020 Trusted Source found that between 2010 and 2011, the average nail salon customer received 1–4 gel manicures per month, lasting 6–10 minutes each.
  • Gel manicure prices vary, especially between salons. You can also buy gel manicure kits at home for $11.99 to $255.99.

Safety worries

Most gel manicure light units emit high-intensity UVA radiation, which may cause skin cancer. Salon artificial tanning is dangerous due to UV radiation.Reliable skin cancer resource.

However, the 2020 review Regular gel manicures did not cause skin cancer, according to Trusted Source. Preventing skin cancer from these light sources is easy by applying sunscreen before a gel manicure.

Side effects

  • The 2020 study examined 2,118 women’s gel manicure experiences. The authors reported these key findings:
  • Manicuring: 8.3% of study participants reported side effects. Approximately 50.4% reported pain or burning.
  • Manicures caused 20% of study participants to experience side effects. Of those, 9.6% reported itchiness and 9.6% pain or burning.
  • Post manicure: 75% of study participants reported side effects after polish removal. Among them, 30.3% reported decreased nail toughness and 24.7% split nails.
  • These self-reported findings suggest gel manicure concerns, but they may be unreliable.

Compare manicures

A 2018 study Trusted Source says acrylic and gel nails have more bacteria than natural nails. Gel nails may be harder to clean than acrylic nails, even though they produce the same number of bacteria.

The study’s small sample size necessitates further research on manicures and hygiene. A 2016 study Gel nail removal may be harder than acrylic, making it more likely to damage nails, according to Trusted Source. The study links removal to:

Home gel manicure

There is no scientific evidence to compare salon and at-home gel manicures’ health effects. The research isn’t clear on whether salon gel manicure providers have stricter health standards than home users.


Popular cosmetic nail treatments include gel manicures. Their effects are achieved with a light-sensitive gel. The process exposes people to UV radiation, but there is no evidence that it increases skin cancer risk. Gel manicures may cause pain or burning during application. Nail damage may occur during removal.

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