Unlocking the Secrets of Healthy Valley Gelous Nails (SNS)

Unlocking the Secrets of Healthy Valley Gelous Nails (SNS): Gel nails are smooth, shiny, and come in many colours. They will last through weddings, vacations, Unlocking the Secrets of Healthy Valley Gelous Nails (SNS)and busy work weeks. The gel polish has to be hardened with ultraviolet light in order to get these perfect nails.

Some of our customers want to know what the risks are of being around UV light. So you don’t have to worry, we wrote this blog post to tell you everything you need to know about gel manicures, UV rays, and how our SNS Healthy GelStar and new hybrid lamps lower the risk.

What are Gel Manicures?

There are three types of coats that are used for gel manicures, which are popular in salons. They dry under a UV or UV/LED lamp. Base, colour, and top coats give the nails a shiny finish that, with the right care, can last up to 14 days or longer. Gel manicures are known for not only staying on for a long time, but also for protecting nails from breaking.

Because of the UV/LED lamp effect, gel manicures dry quickly, which is another reason why salons love them. It takes about 30 to 60 seconds for each coat of gel polish to harden. This makes it less likely to chip or wear off.

The Use of UV/LED in Gel Manicures

Gel nail polishes and lacquers have photo initiators in them, which need certain wavelengths of UV light to cure, or dry, the polish. Photo reaction is the name of the process that makes gel nail polish hard.

Rays of light from UV and LED lights help your manicure dry faster and last longer. This is why they become such an important part of the gel polish process.

Hybrid Lights Make Gel Manicures Revolutionary

The SNS Hybrid UV/LED Light is made to make salons and their customers safer and get better results. New research shows that hybrid lights are better and healthier because they combine UV and LED lights.

Not only are they said to be safe, but they are also said to perform very well and efficiently. Our hybrid lamp guarantees low heat exposure so that there are no risks to the skin during the procedure.

  • For the best results, use LG Hybrid LED.
  • Smart Design for the shield that protects it
  • 54W of high-power output for faster curing
  • Use the Pause/Low Heat function to manage exposure.
  • Longer battery life for dependable performance
  • Salon decor can be matched to three stylish colours

World’s Healthiest Gel, SNS GelStar

At SNS, we work hard to make sure that our customers have healthier nails. We have worked on SNS GelStar, the healthiest gel in the world, to make the manicure process even safer. It works with our Hybrid UV/LED light. The GelStar is good for your nail bed because it has Vitamin E and Calcium in it. Also, unlike some other gel brands, it doesn’t need alcohol on top.

We are firm believers that strong R&D will help us make our technology and processes better. To keep up with the newest styles and the strictest safety rules, we regularly update our products. Because of this, salons trust SNS products and people all over the world use them.

Tips to Make Gel Manicures Safer

We don’t just want to give you the best products. Here are some tips that, when used with safe products, will make the experience great and stress-free.

  • Use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more on your hands and fingers before getting a gel manicure.
  • Use a cloth to cover your hands and fingers, like a glove without the tips.
  • Make sure that the salon has a Hybrid lamp that is controlled and that the curing times are right.
  • Utilise gel polishes that have been tried and tested and come with extra nutrients.
  • Gel manicures should only be done every two to three weeks at most.
  • If you are using a kit at home, make sure you follow the directions and advice given.

To make your nails look even better, use the best products and technology available. We try to give you what you need here at SNS. Pick the safest and most dependable choice for your nail salons and your nails with SNS.

Benefits of Gel Polish Manicures

  1. Looks Amazing
  2. Long-lasting & Very Durable
  3. Faster Application
  4. Easier to Fix Mistakes

Disadvantages Of Gel Polish

  1. Harder to Remove
  2. Harsher on Your Nails
  3. More Costly
  4. Exposure to UV Light
  5. Less Variety of Colours to Choose From

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